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The #sweaterweatherpaws Instagram Challenge

Autumn is here, it’s getting colder again and the bad weather is just around the corner. Therefore we want to see your lovely four-legged friends in our woof & wiggle outfits 🙂

How it works

Post your best picture with woof & amp; Wiggle sweaters, wraps, anoraks, parkas or trench coats on Instagram. Mark @woofandwiggle and use the hashtag #sweaterweatherpaws – We share your pictures in our stories and selected pictures in our feed.

Participate and win

We will randomly raffle two 60 € shopping vouchers among all participants. The closing date for entries is October 31, 2021. Multiple entries with multiple images are possible. The winners will be announced on Instagram and notified personally.

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Creative xmas gift guide for dog lovers

You all know this: Christmas is coming and you have absolutely no idea what to buy for friends or relatives. We try to help you out with some inspiration for dog related Christmas gifts of all kind and for every budget. We are pretty sure we have something for every type of dog lover or owner.

In doubt or last minute, you are never wrong with a gift voucher.

For all people who love organisation.

Small gimmicks such as paperclips or little magnets are not only good for personal organisation and order, they also create little moments of joy in the everyday life of the giftee. For more little gimmicks, simply click here.

For the Dachshund Fan.

We love sausage dogs! This is why we have lot of dachshund specific items in our shop. For more wiener dog products, just click here.

For bookworms.

A design DIY or a book with recipes for dogs. Somebody who loves books and reading will surely be happy about those products. Of course we also offer nice little stickers to mark the really interesting sections.

For the playful people with a sense for irony.

We love toys that make the human laugh as well. We offer a big range of ironic designer parody toys as well as some classic design toys.

For everyday joy.

Those little gimmicks will remind the giftee of you every day in his life. To find more items of this kind, go this way.

For the next game night.

The best gift is something which brings people together. This is why we offer some fun games for all ages, of course dog related.

For everybody who doesn’t want his dog to be naked.

Our bandanas are handmade in Hamburg and available in various sizes and designs. If you need help finding the perfect size, simply get in touch with us.

For friends of fine british ceramics.

Hand-painted money boxes, vases or salt and pepper shakers from England. Available in various dog specific shapes such as dachshund, terrier or french bulldog.

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Custom sweater: How to measure the dog correctly

There are always misunderstandings as to how the dog is correctly measured for our tailor-made Polartec® pullover. We have therefore made a short video that hopefully will help you further and explain the individual steps. It is particularly important that the dimensions are not changed by your own additions, because this distorts the cut and the sweater will very likely not fit. Just get in touch with us if you have special needs for the fit, and we will gladly take this into account in the cut of the sweater.

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15.3. Dackel & Friends Instagram meeting in Berlin

Update 12.03.2020: Wegen der aktuellen Corona-Virus Situation haben wir leider schweren Herzens beschloßen unseren Berlin Trip abzusagen. Wir hatten uns sehr auf das Treffen gefreut und auch schon Goodiebags für alle Teilnehmer gepackt. Da wir das Wochenende aber inmitten der Hauptstadt verbringen wollten, schätzen wir das Risiko bei der derzeitigen Entwicklung einfach als sehr hoch ein. Natürlich kann man sich nie gegen alle Risiken absichern, aber als Freiberufler träfe uns ein gesundheitlicher Ausfall einfach besonders hart und daher sind beobachten wir die aktuelle Situation mit etwas Sorge. Unsere Bedenken gelten primär dem Aufenthalt in der Berliner Innenstadt und weniger dem Treffen an sich. Wären wir näher dran, würden wir sehr gerne vorbei kommen. Wir hoffen also, dass sich viele Berliner bei der tollen Initiative von @ulli_dackelrakete und @dackel_casimir sehen lassen und wir zumindest durch zahlreiche Bilder und Stories auf Instagram aus der Ferne daran teilhaben können. Wir hoffen sehr auf eine Wiederholung!

The dachshund and dog scene is very well represented on Instagram. It is always nice to get to know the dogs and especially the people behind the accounts in real life. Therefore @ulli_dackelrakete and @dackel_casimir got together in Berlin and organized a meeting for you. We from woof & wiggle will of course also go there with a little surprise in our luggage 🙂

Here are the facts:

15.3. in Berlin Meeting point at 10:00 a.m. Arkenberge Blankenfelde dog run area (link leads to Google Maps)

Are you there too? Say it in the comments ❤️

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woof & wiggle at “DAS!” in the NDR

A few days ago a nice team from NDR was our guest to make a short contribution as part of the program “DAS!” to shoot with us. Former Schleswig-Holstein Prime Minister Peter Harry Carstensen was on the show with his dachshund. Since the former minister is an avowed dachshund fan, a little insight into our small world of dachshunds was of course an option. In any case, we are very happy with the result and in any case, shooting in our studio and on Hamburg’s Elbe beach was a lot of fun. Mikkel in particular, of course, has fun.

We look forward to you taking a look 🙂

Rainer Rösing & Veronika Wöll

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Sausage Walk Hamburg – Save the Date

Sausage Walk Hamburg 2019

01.09. – 11:00 / Stadtpark Hamburg

Soon it’s time again. Following the London model, there is the second large “Sausage Walk”, a large Dachshund meeting in the Hamburg city park. We were there last year and it was really a great sight. BILD kept a few impressions. This year we hope for even more great Dachshunds and we also have a little surprise for you, be curious.

Here are the facts:

Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. in the Hamburg city park (Südring and Wiesenstieg on the polar bear statue)

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Summer: dog in the car?

The temperatures rise again and the sun beautifies one or the other round of walks. But unfortunately in the news there are more and more reports about dogs that have died painfully in an overheated car. We all know this situation where you just have to leave the dog behind. But you always have to take into account the risk of overheating and take appropriate measures.

In a graphic we have prepared for you how quickly the temperature in a car can rise with the corresponding outside temperature. We ourselves were very surprised at how quickly and extremely the temperatures rise and honestly would have underestimated the topic despite all caution.

Development of heat in the car:

What can you do in the heat for the good of the dog?

Leave the dog at home

Not exposing the dog to any danger would of course be the best option. We try to take this into account in our day-to-day planning and leave it behind in the cool apartment when doing things in summer. Of course, this only works if you haven’t been away too long.

Choose a parking space smartly

Parking in the shade does something. For larger purchases, we choose a supermarket with a parking garage, it is pleasantly cool there and logically it does not have any sunlight.

Provide ventilation

Even a little air draft can delay the development of heat. There are extra tools for the car. There are, for example, ventilation grilles that can be clamped between the pane and the door frame. This way ventilation is ensured and long fingers still do not get inside the vehicle. Tailgate displays work similarly. It enables the tailgate of the car to be left slightly open when locked. Both are available in the camping shop and in combination ensure a good draft.

Provide drinking water

Always providing the dog with sufficient water is very important. We are a fan of Petkit’s travel drinking bottle. So we always have enough water with us for our Dachshund.

Cool down the harness

Wet harnesses or shirts also help against heat. It stays cool for a while. Simply soak in water.

Your ideas are required …

Do you have any other tips and ideas for the summer? Just leave a comment. We appreciate your suggestions.

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Do dogs really need sweaters?

As is well known, opinions differ on this subject. We are certainly not entirely objective here, so this is not a scientific article on the subject, but only a few thoughts and experiences.

Many healthy dogs certainly do not need a sweater or other dog clothes; however, as always in life, there are some exceptions and sensible moments for a dog sweater.


We got our Dachshund puppy in deep winter with a lot of snow. Nevertheless, we wanted to get the puppy used to the outside world in small steps and not isolate it too long in the apartment. Here we got the idea for the first time to buy a sweater for short trips.

Short fur dogs

As a water sports enthusiast, our wire-haired dachshund is often on the beach, especially when there is a lot of wind. Of course, this is also possible without a sweater, but we quickly found that it is more relaxed for everyone with a sweater. Without a sweater, our dog was quickly exhausted and downright annoyed. With a sweater, he can romp around on the beach forever and is better protected from the cold wind.

Anxious dogs

Something close to the body has a calming effect on dogs. In the animal trade there are therefore, for a reason, soothing vests, also known as anti-stress vests or soothing shirts. Our fleece pullovers ultimately have the same effect.

Sick or operated dogs

We keep getting emails from dog owners who have been recommended by their veterinarian to buy a sweater. The additional warmth does e.g. good for joint problems, is no different in humans. Even after operations, a wound or suture can be temporarily protected with a sweater.

Dogs that e.g. have to be carried on stairs

We live on the 5th floor and unfortunately have no elevator. In order to protect our Dachshund from back pain, we therefore carry it up the stairs. It is often the same situation in the office. For all our love for animals, we don’t always want to wear a wet, dripping dog, especially since dirty clothes and a dirty dog ​​don’t do particularly well in the office. If necessary, you can put on a sweater or jacket right before the walk around the house and then take it off again at the entrance. So in bad weather everyone is helped.

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Impressions of our first dachshund fashion show

During the Hamburg dog fair we had the chance to organize our very first dachshund fashion show. We were really stoked that so many of our customers volunteered to present our current dog-wear collection. It was so nice to see all kinds of doxies in the show.

Thanks to all participants. Here are a few first impressions, a video of the show will follow.

Mathilde (@mathildesabenteuer) and Wurzel (@wurzel_the_weiner) wearing their fleece jumpers
Dachshund Max getting some last tipps from his husky coach
With 16 weeks the youngest participant: Archie (@archie_king_in_the_north) in his trenchcoat
Knuddel (@knuddel.the.dachshund) can’t wait to get on the runway
Dachshund Günther ( checking the audience just before the start
Archie (@archie_king_in_the_north) and Lotte (@lovely_little_lotte) chatting
Lucky is totally concentrated (@lucky_dackel)
Pax (@pax.the.dachs) and Lucky (@lucky_dackel) in a busy conversation
Emil and Casimir (@dackel_casimir) presenting their drying ponchos
All together for a group photo
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Hamburg dog fair, we are there!

The 3rd Hamburg Dog Fair will take place on September 29, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Center at Bornkampsweg 2 (near Auto Wichert) in Hamburg Altona.

The fair is easy to reach by public transport

From the Holstenstrasse S-Bahn station, take bus line 3 in the direction of the Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld to the Bornkampsweg stop. The bus line runs e.g. also from the subway stations Steinstrasse and Feldstrasse.

There is also ample free parking for car drivers on the premises and in the surrounding area.

You can find us in hall 1 at booth F18.

We are of course there and present our current range. Let us advise you in detail and take the opportunity to take a close look at everything. Of course, you can also purchase our products directly on site, provided they are not made to measure. But here, too, we will be happy to support you at the trade fair with the correct measurement of the dog or the size selection.

A special highlight: the woof & wiggle Dachshund fashion show at 3:30 p.m. on the main stage.

We look forward to every visit 🙂

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woof & wiggle in the BILD newspaper Hamburg

A nice journalist and photographer from BILD Hamburg recently visited us and interviewed us about the shop and especially about Dachshund fashion. Today on April 30th, 2019 a small article was published with the title “Dachshund-Style – Own hairdresser, own fashion for Hamburg’s new in-dog”. The Dachshund is now a trend dog. So have a look at the kiosk today, you will find us on page 7.

Alternatively, the article can also be found online.

Click here for the online article in the Hamburg regional section of BILD

By the way, Mikkel is wearing our dry poncho. Because he gets after drying in bad weather or when he had to bathe.

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TV tip – Hamburg becomes a dachshund stronghold

A while ago a very nice camera team from NDR was our guest in the office. The topic: “Dachshund in Hamburg”, because you can see our short-legged friends more and more often in our beautiful city. And as Hamburg designers for Dachshund fashion and accessories, we should not be missing. We were very excited but we really enjoyed filming. As a model, our Dachshund had to serve Mikkel, who presented his Dachshund sweater, his Dachshund trench coat and his new rain jacket in front of the camera.

You will also get a little insight into how the training of a dachshund at the Hamburg dog school “A good dog” works. Incidentally, there is also an intensive training for our stubborn dachshund bootcamp.

Click here for the article: “Hamburg is becoming a dachshund stronghold” in the NDR media library

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Yet another online shop for dogs?

Yes, there are certainly countless online shops for dog accessories. But we are not an all-round online shop for pet supplies; that is not our aim and there are certainly more suitable providers for this. We are your online shop for curated highlights. We want to offer products that are not available on every corner. We are constantly tinkering with new materials and combinations to create really unique things. Our range currently mainly includes dog leads, dog collars, paw care and, above all, winter products for dogs such as sweaters and coats made from original Polartec® fleece. We hope there is something for you too.

Veronika, Rainer and Dachshund Mikkel