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The tick season is coming – what helps the dog?

Again and again in spring the subject starts all over again: ticks! This topic accompanies every dog owner well into autumn. The market is full of different solutions for the dog. But opinions differ on the right remedy for dogs against ticks. We want to give you a rough overview.

Chemicals / drugs as tick protection

Of course there are tablets against ticks and fleas. However, many dog owners understandably shy away from it because, as with all medicines, side effects can occur. Many people are therefore looking for natural alternatives against ticks. Your vet will be happy to advise you on this.

Coconut oil against tick bites

A well-known home remedy for ticks is the use of coconut oil. The coconut oil can be mixed into the dog’s food, which can also have a positive effect on the coat quality, or simply applied to the dog’s coat. The lauric acid it contains ensures that parasites do not like to settle in your friend’s fur. There are also collars that contain this active ingredient. The scent spreads all over the body, providing natural protection.

Amber chains against ticks

The benefit of amber necklaces against ticks is not undisputed. Some swear by it, others just think it’s bullshit. The reason for the protection against ticks is said to be static charging of the fur, which is caused by friction with the amber chain. Due to this electrical charge, parasites are swept away by an electric shock.

EM ceramic collar

“EM” stands for “Effective Microorganisms”, e.g. for various lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, ferment-active fungi or photosynthetic bacteria. This creates an anti-tick environment, generated by resonance vibrations and metabolic activity in the ceramic. We find this solution exciting and promising as a replacement for the chemical club. Therefore we have developed our own EM ceramic collar…

Application: The collar should be worn as long as possible during the tick season in order to build up good protection. After about four weeks, the collar can also be taken off at night. We recommend cleaning the necklace thoroughly with water every 2-3 weeks and letting it dry in the sun. The EM ceramic pieces are recharged by the sunlight. But please note that protection against ticks with alternative means cannot, of course, be 100% guaranteed.


Every dog owner must decide for himself and his dog which anti-tick treatment is best for their own situation. A dog in the city has a different risk than a country dog. There are also regional differences in the tick situation, but these are becoming less and less. The spread of the tick cannot be stopped.

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