Katsuki EM-Ceramics dog collar against ticks


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Cute dog necklace made of Katsuki pearls, EM ceramic pearls, various pendants in melon, cactus or pineapple shape, matching mini tassel and cowrie shell.

The chains are hand made in our hamburger woof & amp; wiggle atelier.

The collars are equipped with so-called EM ceramic pipes. These are small ceramic tubes that are burned from clay mixed with EM (Effective Microorganisms) . EM ceramics builds up an anti-tick environment in dogs.

Size choice
The chains are available in 4 different sizes threaded on leather cord. When choosing the size, we recommend using the size of the normal dog collar and not too long.

The collar should be worn continuously or as long as possible during the tick season in order to build up good protection. After about four weeks, the collar can also be removed at night. But please note that protection against ticks with alternative means can of course not be 100% guaranteed.

Care instructions
For optimal effectiveness against ticks, the collar should be washed with water and dried in the sun every four weeks.