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Towing line – Please only with harness

We are big friends of the towline. It’s a great tool for getting young dogs used to freedom without relinquishing control entirely until the recall command is perfect. Even at a distance of 10 or even 15 meters, you have access to the dog if the worst comes to the worst and can enforce your command or avoid a dangerous situation. As your training progresses, you can keep shortening the towing line.

There are always situations where we use a tow line with the adult and trained dog as a precaution or as a precaution. We always recommend using a plastic towing line that is as light as possible. A towing line made of rope does not put you in a good mood, especially in rain and sand.

Please do not use the tow line with a collar

But we keep seeing dogs with a leash on the collar. Unfortunately, this is very negligent. The extended forces of the leash have an extreme effect on the dog’s neck and can lead to severe injuries to the neck muscles. Imagine you are sprinting at full power with a loose rope around your neck and are slowed down to zero after 10 meters. This is roughly how it is with your dog, so please only train with a tow line on the harness. The dog harness distributes the forces more evenly over the dog’s entire body and your darling will thank you for it.

We have developed a harness that is very quick to put on and take off. The leash does not even have to be removed and the dog does not have to climb through any opening. The dog harness is closed with a practical, size-adjustable Velcro fastener and is absolutely secure. Just make sure that at least half of both Velcro parts overlap.

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