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Do dogs really need sweaters?

As is well known, opinions differ on this subject. We are certainly not entirely objective here, so this is not a scientific article on the subject, but only a few thoughts and experiences.

Many healthy dogs certainly do not need a sweater or other dog clothes; however, as always in life, there are some exceptions and sensible moments for a dog sweater.


We got our Dachshund puppy in deep winter with a lot of snow. Nevertheless, we wanted to get the puppy used to the outside world in small steps and not isolate it too long in the apartment. Here we got the idea for the first time to buy a sweater for short trips.

Short fur dogs

As a water sports enthusiast, our wire-haired dachshund is often on the beach, especially when there is a lot of wind. Of course, this is also possible without a sweater, but we quickly found that it is more relaxed for everyone with a sweater. Without a sweater, our dog was quickly exhausted and downright annoyed. With a sweater, he can romp around on the beach forever and is better protected from the cold wind.

Anxious dogs

Something close to the body has a calming effect on dogs. In the animal trade there are therefore, for a reason, soothing vests, also known as anti-stress vests or soothing shirts. Our fleece pullovers ultimately have the same effect.

Sick or operated dogs

We keep getting emails from dog owners who have been recommended by their veterinarian to buy a sweater. The additional warmth does e.g. good for joint problems, is no different in humans. Even after operations, a wound or suture can be temporarily protected with a sweater.

Dogs that e.g. have to be carried on stairs

We live on the 5th floor and unfortunately have no elevator. In order to protect our Dachshund from back pain, we therefore carry it up the stairs. It is often the same situation in the office. For all our love for animals, we don’t always want to wear a wet, dripping dog, especially since dirty clothes and a dirty dog ​​don’t do particularly well in the office. If necessary, you can put on a sweater or jacket right before the walk around the house and then take it off again at the entrance. So in bad weather everyone is helped.

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