Tailor-made dog jumper – Polartec® Fleece

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Delivery time: 7-10 working days production time plus shipping time (approx. 2 days)*

4 Measurements – 1 Custom Jumper
Please use a soft measuring tape and measure snug to the dogs body. Don’t forget your dogs breed and gender for a further optimised fit.

We would be happy to help you with the measurement via Whatsapp video call! Just write us a message via Whatsapp on 0160-99600256 and we will help you measure! We are available Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Attention: If your dog is a mixed breed or is not listed here, please contact hello@woofandwiggle.com with a picture of your dog in advance. Due to the thickness of the material, the pullover is unfortunately not suitable for very small dogs such as Miniature Pinschers or Chihuahuas.

At the base of the neck where the collar lies loosely.

Measure the widest part of the chest.

Does not correspond to the length of the sweater.

This information helps us to process your order

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Why a jumper for a dog?
If you hate cold and nasty weather, your dog hates it probably too. Especially small dogs and those with short fur quickly suffer under tough and cold weather conditions. For those days we developed our Polartec® fleece sweater to protect your buddy on those ugly days.

Your way to the perfect fit
With our size submission you can easily submit the sizes of your dog. Simply enter a few measurements. If you are not sure about your measures, get in touch with us. It’s a pleasure for us to help you. Make sure you enter the breed of your furry friend, so we can make sure the woof & wiggle Polartec® fleece jumper is perfect for the body type.

Sportive & active fit
The woof & wiggle Polartec® fleece sweater fits tight but flexible to the dogs body, making him feel warm and cozy. We improved the cut for maximum flexibility, so the dog doesn`t experience it as a disruptive. That is why our jumper doesn`t cover the dogs but, for a better agility. For small dogs the woof & wiggle Polartec® Fleece jumper comes with short sleeves and for bigger dogs with long sleeves. If your dog suffers from arthrosis or similar then we recommend our Polartec® Fleece Wrap.

How do I put the jumper on my dog?
With a bit of practice putting on the sweater is quite fast and your dog will love the warm feeling. Simply pull it over his head. Then bend his front legs gently and pull one by one through the opening.

Waterproof and breathable
The woof & wiggle Polartec® fleece sweater is absolut rainproof, breathable, comfortable and washable!

Tailormade out of Polartec®. 100% Polyester!
Our Pullover is made out of high quality Polartec® fleece and is handmade in Hamburg. The lovely color combinations are real highlights on the streets and make it not only a useful thing but also a nice fashion accessory.

Delivery time
Note as your woof & wiggle Polartec® fleece jumper is made to measure please allow us up to 7 – 10 workdays for your custom jumpers!

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