Gingham winter parka

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The premium dog coat from woof & wiggle manufacture from the highest quality materials. Exterior 100% “Oilskin” by Merchant & Mills and inside made of “Thermo Lambskin”.

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Handmade in Hamburg from high-quality materials
The Gingham Winter Parka is a classic design dog coat and the latest development from woof & wiggle. With this parka, your dog is wrapped up warm and also stylish when out and about, whether in the country or in the city.

The outer material is made of “Oilskin” and reliably keeps out wind and water. The inside of the parka is lined with soft fur, which also keeps your four-legged friend warm.

Outer material: 100% Oilskin by Merchant & Mills from England
“Oilskin” is also coated cotton. Nevertheless, the fabric is of course wind and water repellent. Perfect for a dog coat.

Inner material: thermal lambskin
High-quality lambskin with wool
20% new wool, 50% polyester, 30% polyacrylic

Features: The parka has a small pocket and a closable leash opening.

Care instructions: Clean your Oilskin Parka with a soft brush or cloth. For heavy soiling, we recommend hand washing at 30 degrees with a hygiene detergent. After hand washing, your Oilskin Parka must be waxed again. We have a video for you here! Each Oilskin Parka comes with a small piece of wax, which is enough for 1-2 waxings.

Available in sizes:
XXS: 29cm back length
XS: 33cm back length
S: 38cm back length
M: 43cm back length
L: 48cm back length

If you have any questions about the sizes or the material of the dog coat, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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