How many production days takes a tailor made jumper?
We need about 5 work days to produce a custom jumper, shipping not included.

How can I see that the jumper has the perfect size?
The jumper should fit tight, but not too tight. The dog shouldn`t be limited in his mobility, but also shouldn’t get stuck somewhere. Therefore our fit was developed to not cover the butt. That allows more flexibility and agility.

Why do I need to submit the dogs gender for ordering a jumper?
The fit is slightly different for male and female dogs. This prevents that male dogs pee on the jumper.

How do I put the jumper on my dog?
With a healthy dog, it is quite easy to get used to it. Put the dog in front of you, looking in the same direction as you. Pull the jumper over his head first. Bend the legs in a small angle and pull them through the leg openings. Most dogs get used to it very fast after practicing a few times.

Can I return a jumper?
I the jumper does not fit perfect, you can return it within 14 days. Please try the jumper at home first to guarantee a clean surrounding. Please respect that we can only accept clean jumpers which were not worn outside.

Can my dog be an influencer for woof & wiggle?
We are always looking for nice dogmodels with many followers. Simply get in touch with us and we check your options. But please understand that we have limited ressources for sponsoring as we are a small start-up.

I am a blogger, do you offer Cooperations?
In general, we are very interested in cooperations with blogs and magazines. Get in touch with us if you have an interesting idea to collaborate with some basic information about your target group and website traffic.