How long does it take to manufacture a tailored sweater? For a sweater we need a processing time of approx. 5 working days plus shipping.

How do I see if the sweater fits properly? The sweater should fit as tightly as possible, but also not tight. The dog must not be restricted in its movement, but should not get caught anywhere. Our cut was therefore developed so that it does not cover the rear part. This enables better freedom of movement and fit.

Why do I have to state the gender of the dog when ordering a sweater? The cuts are slightly different for males and females. This will prevent males from peeing on the sweater below.

How do I put my dog’s sweater on? With a healthy dog, the sweater is easy to put on after a little practice. The dog e.g. sit in front of you, in the same direction. Then always pull the sweater over your head first. Then bend the dog’s legs, put your hand through the sleeve opening from the front and pull through the legs one after the other. After a few exercises, the dog usually gets used to it quickly.

Can I return an item? Should our items not fit or please, it is no problem to send them back within 14 days.

Can I return customized sweaters? What to do if it doesn’t fit? The legislator grants us the right to exclude from the exchange or revocation any goods that were manufactured individually on customer request in § 312 g para. 2 No. 1 BGB. Every returned custom-made item is a total economic loss for us and cannot be reused as a specific one-off item, even at the expense of the environment. A revocation is completely excluded if the dimensions have not been made as described by us or have been supplemented by our own measurements and the cut has been falsified. Sweaters that have already been worn also disqualify you for any requirements, of course this does not apply to trying them on at home.

In the event of defects or a completely wrong fit, we will of course first offer a remedy, in the next step also the cancellation of the purchase and a refund of the purchase price.

If you have any problems, please contact us first with photos and a description of the problem. We will surely find an individual solution for you. You can contact us by email, WhatsApp (+49 160 99600256) or on Facebook. In such cases, writing is usually easier, since we can then examine the facts in more detail based on your information.

If you are unsure about the order or the dimensions, please contact us before purchasing. We look forward to every message and are always happy to help with our experience. You can contact us by email, phone & WhatsApp (+49 160 99600256) or on Facebook. Please check beforehand whether you like the concept of the sweater, a pure “not like” the cut does not justify a revocation.

Can my dog ​​advertise you? We are always looking for long-range dog models. Just write to us and we’ll see. Since we are a small start-up, we have limited sponsorship opportunities.

I have a blog, are cooperations with woof & wiggle possible? Basically, we are open to any kind of cooperation or product test. Just write to us if you have an interesting suggestion. It is best to send media data about the reach and target group directly.