Pullovers for mini dogs such as Chihuahuas, mini pinschers & little rabbit dachshunds made of Polartec® fleece


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Finally a special sweater for little Chihuahuas, mini pinschers or especially small rabbit dachshunds. If you don’t reach the minimum dimensions for the tailor-made sweater, this sweater is just right.

All information about the size below in the description.

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Why a sweater for your Chihuahua, mini pinscher & Co.?
Your Chihuahua finds wet and cold just as uncomfortable as you. Because especially small dogs or four-legged friends with short fur suffer quickly from it. That is why we developed our Polartec® fleece dog sweater. For the ugly days of the year.

Which dog sizes does the sweater fit?
The sweater is suitable up to the following dimensions:
Neck circumference: up to 26cm
Chest size: up to 40cm
Waist: up to 34cm
Back length: up to 30cm

Why doesn’t custom-made products work for particularly small dogs such as Chihuahuas, mini pinschers or small rabbit dachshunds?
These two breeds of dogs have very small limbs. A sweater in the good Polartec® quality only works for Chihuahuas and mini pinschers in a certain size range, which we have developed in a long, detailed work. Therefore we offer a universal solution here.

How do I measure my dog?
Simply measure your neck, chest, waist and back with a flexible tape measure. Everything is explained in detail in our video. We are also happy to help you via Whatsapp if you are unsure about the size! Just write us a message via Whatsapp at 0160-99600256. We are available Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sporty cut
The woof & amp; wiggle Polartec® fleece sweater hugs comfortably and ensures a pleasantly cozy feeling and keeps the body warm. But it is also cut in such a way that it does not restrict freedom of movement and is not perceived as annoying. The sweater does not cover the buttocks and so the freedom of the fronds remains unrestricted!

Water-repellent and breathable
The woof & amp; wiggle Polartec® fleece pullover is water-repellent, breathable, comfortable to wear and washable!

Handcrafted from original Polartec® – 100% polyester
The sweater is made of high quality Polartec® fleece and is hand-made in Hamburg. The color combinations are real eye-catchers and turn a sensible piece of clothing into a real fashion accessory.

Warning: note for sick or very old dogs
If your dog suffers from osteoarthritis, paralysis or the like, we recommend our Polartec Fleece Wrap < / a> for dogs. This is much easier to put on.

How do I put my dog’s sweater on?
With a little practice, it can be dressed very quickly and your dog will love the warmth. Simply pull it over your head and then bend the dog’s front legs and pull them through the openings from the front.

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