Surfer Buddies Ribbons


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One surfer bracelet for you and one for your boho-style surfer dog. They are 100% waterproof and handmade from sustainable cotton. Wear them while surfing, walking your dog or when you and your buddy are longboarding.

The chains are made by hand in our Hamburg woof & wiggle studio.

Color Options

  • Pink
  • Blue

Scope of delivery
A set with a band for the dog (choice of 3 sizes) and a band for the human (one size).

Human size:
Your bracelet is one size and can be adjusted with a sliding knot.

Size for the dog:
The straps for your buddy are available in 3 different sizes, which can be adjusted with a cord stopper. Simply measure the neck circumference and then choose the right size.

Size S – up to 30 cm neck circumference
Size M – up to 36 cm neck circumference
Size L – up to 45 cm neck circumference