Biodegradable dog waste bags


Dog waste bags made from sensible materials

  • high proportion of renewable raw materials
  • Part of starch obtained from waste
  • free from plasticizers and genetic engineering
  • degradable under local conditions
  • OK Compost HOME certified (tested at 20-30 ° C)

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These biodegradable dog waste bags are made with renewable raw materials. With a share of 30% renewable raw materials, they help to conserve scarce resources. For example, by using significantly less crude oil or natural gas. This saves CO2. The starch for these biodegradable dog waste bags comes mainly from rejects from maize production that are not suitable for human or animal consumption. Thus, no extra maize was grown for these purposes, i.e. no competition for the cultivation of food and feed.

8 rolls with a total of 120 bags


230×330 mm

18 μm