Natural Paw Cream

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Our paw creme protects paws using the natural strengths of hand-picked calendula from the Tyrolean Alps. It protects against road salts, grit, ice. And if your friend`s paws do get scratched or scraped, woof & wiggle paw cream will help him heal faster. Gently massage into your friend`s paws, and go play.

We produce this creme ourselves directly in Hamburg, to guarantee the best quality of ingredients.


Shea Butter; beeswax, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, calendula, lavender, sage

Care Instructions

How do I wash and take care of the dog wear?

Light dirt can be removed after drying with a gentle brush. Otherwise we recommend machine wash, 30°C delicates. In addition to normal detergent you can use disinfectant detergent. Please do not bleach, dry in dryer, iron or clean with chemicals.