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TV tip – Hamburg becomes a dachshund stronghold

A while ago a very nice camera team from NDR was our guest in the office. The topic: “Dachshund in Hamburg”, because you can see our short-legged friends more and more often in our beautiful city. And as Hamburg designers for Dachshund fashion and accessories, we should not be missing. We were very excited but we really enjoyed filming. As a model, our Dachshund had to serve Mikkel, who presented his Dachshund sweater, his Dachshund trench coat and his new rain jacket in front of the camera.

You will also get a little insight into how the training of a dachshund at the Hamburg dog school “A good dog” works. Incidentally, there is also an intensive training for our stubborn dachshund bootcamp.

Click here for the article: “Hamburg is becoming a dachshund stronghold” in the NDR media library

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