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Impressions of our first dachshund fashion show

During the Hamburg dog fair we had the chance to organize our very first dachshund fashion show. We were really stoked that so many of our customers volunteered to present our current dog-wear collection. It was so nice to see all kinds of doxies in the show.

Thanks to all participants. Here are a few first impressions, a video of the show will follow.

Mathilde (@mathildesabenteuer) and Wurzel (@wurzel_the_weiner) wearing their fleece jumpers
Dachshund Max getting some last tipps from his husky coach
With 16 weeks the youngest participant: Archie (@archie_king_in_the_north) in his trenchcoat
Knuddel (@knuddel.the.dachshund) can’t wait to get on the runway
Dachshund Günther ( checking the audience just before the start
Archie (@archie_king_in_the_north) and Lotte (@lovely_little_lotte) chatting
Lucky is totally concentrated (@lucky_dackel)
Pax (@pax.the.dachs) and Lucky (@lucky_dackel) in a busy conversation
Emil and Casimir (@dackel_casimir) presenting their drying ponchos
All together for a group photo
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