Neckwarmer (Polartec Fleece)

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Your furry buddy is a real headbanger? Then there is no doubt that he needs our neckwarmer keeping his neck and head cozy and warm. Perfect for short trips into the cold or those days the icy wind blows around your ears. The dog snood has an elastic cord, you can pull it over the ears and it will stay there and keep the ears warm. Our woof & wiggle neckwarmer are handmade in Hamburg out of original high quality Polartec® fleece.

If there are any questions left about sizing or material, don`t hesitate getting in touch with us and we help you out.

Polartec Fleece

XS: Head 30cm x Length 18cm x Neck 33cm
S: Head 33cm x Length 24cm x Neck 38cm
M: Head 40cm x Length 30cm x Neck 48cm
L: Head 45cm x Length 35cm x Neck 53cm

Handmade quality
The woof & wiggle Polartec® neckwarmer is handmade with high quality standards. Please allow us up to 5 workdays for production.

Care Instructions

How do I wash and take care of the dog wear?

Light dirt can be removed after drying with a gentle brush. Otherwise we recommend machine wash, 30°C delicates. In addition to normal detergent you can use disinfectant detergent. Please do not bleach, dry in dryer, iron or clean with chemicals.