Memo game: do you look like your dog?


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In this fun memo game “Do you look like your dog?” the dog and the owner have to find each other. 50 cards show funny photos of dogs and their owners with humorous texts in an enclosed booklet that contains descriptions of the 25 dog owners and their hairy friends.
Why do people look like their dogs at all? Are they common personality traits, hardly suppressed narcissistic tendencies, or do they grow together like old couples over time? This game explores the intense bonds we develop with our dogs.

About the authors:
Gerrard Gethings is a London-based photographer and dog lover known for his characteristic animal portraits. He has produced fashion, lifestyle and animal photography for a large number of customers in the areas of publication, television and advertising.

Mark Edmonds is a freelance writer and journalist. Previously, he was co-editor of The Sunday Times magazine.

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