Best in Show Dog Quartet


Attention: in German language!

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Who is the best? Does a retriever need more grooming than an Irish setter? Does a terrier have a finer nose than a German shepherd? Is a poodle faster than a spaniel? With 30 different dog breeds in six categories, the game “Dogs – Best in Show Dog Quartet” offers hours of lovingly illustrated and informative fun for the whole family!

The authors:
Emma Aguado (author) is a dog behavior researcher and obedience trainer and a member of the Professional Association of Applied Canine Trainers (PAACT).
Polly Horner (illustrator) lives in Rye in East Sussex. When she is not drawing, she enjoys long walks with dogs.

data & amp; Facts:

  • Title: Dogs. Best in Show – The Dog Quartet
  • box
  • 34 cards
  • size: 65 x 99 mm
  • ISBN: 978-3-96244-010-7
  • Language: German
  • 32 color illustrations

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